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    Currently there is no open position within our company. However, please do not hesitate to send us your CV at careers@www.comemoe.com.


    Recruitment Fraud
    It has come to our attention that fraudulent employment opportunities are offered by unsolicited companies pretending to act on behalf of MNP Petroleum Corporation. MNP is filing criminal charges in relation to these matters. 

    Please be aware that recruitment fraud is being conducted on a highly professional level. However, to identify possible fraud, we ask you to pay particular attention to the following:

    * Groups involved in recruitment fraud frequently use cost free email providers such as, gmail or hotmail.
    * You may be asked to complete extensive recruitment documentation, including personal and financial information.
    * Jobs will be offered to you without prior interview or further screening.
    * Frequently a third party will be involved in the recruitment process which claims to act as the recruitment agent.

    We would like to urge anyone, not to make financial transactions to any recruitment agents acting in our name. MNP Petroleum Corporation does not ask for any financial transactions from potential employees. 

    We kindly ask you to contact us immediately should you suspect to have become subject to attempted fraud in our name.