• Environment

    During exploration stages, the environment causes minimal or no long-term damage. Surface disturbance is negligible and includes vehicle use, and mapping and surveying - all activities which meet area standards with regard to removing surface and drill samples for analysis. On occasion, site access is limited and a road must be built to obtain the data necessary for proper assessment. Often, the net effect of exploration is positive, as roads and access may need improvement or stabilization. Regardless of the circumstance, MNP Petroleum is proactive in addressing environmental issues, foreseeing potential problems and building consensus around the best possible solutions. 

    MNP Petroleum incorporates incentives for local operators to build relationships and run environmentally and socially responsible operations. The company believes that it is always in the best interest of local communities, business partners and shareholders, to maintain the highest integrity throughout all stages of exploration and development. And further, that to compromise integrity at any point in the short-term, is to risk the company's long-term financial well-being.

    At all times MNP Petroleum adheres to and very often exceeds all required regulatory processes pertaining to economic, environmental and social aspects related to all projects.