• Social

    Company policy regarding social responsibility dictates that for each project, stakeholders are consulted early on and throughout the exploration process. This inclusive policy is of mutual benefit; management gains valuable local insight into physical property characteristics, whilst stakeholder-specific interests are considered and assessed. This policy has proven successful to date, as much of the information gained during stakeholder dialogues favors both parties. While stakeholders are always consulted with respect to development activities with possible local impacts, exploration activities are often speculative and may therefore not require consultation.

    MNP Petroleum's social policies are proactive in nature, with a focus on the timely release of accurate information, and on forging partnerships with stakeholders, local employees and contractors. The company has relationships built on trust, with a core crew of managers, and these managers oversee work on all exploration and development projects. By legislating a culture of honesty and integrity, management has kept low training costs by industry comparison. 

    During all stages of development, MNP Petroleum hires and consults with local stakeholders and groups as individual projects dictate. Company management strives to positively affect the communities in which it does business.