• Operations


    DWM Petroleum AG (“DWM”), through its 100% subsidiary TF Petroleum AG holds a 37.32% indirect equity interest in the Tajik company Petroleum Sugd. Petroleum Sugd owns 10 producing oil fields.


    10 producing oil and gas fields in the Fergana Basin in Tajikistan

    2P reserves: 30+ MMBO

    Rehabilitation Potential: Exisiting production is <250 bopd 

    Upside potential in redevelopment, appraisal and exploration

    Field licenses as well as exploration licenses are valid until 2022 and can be extended

    Markets: Strong domestic demand; access to the gas pipeline




    The fields are located in the western part of the Fergana Basin which spreads over Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, ranging in depth between 100 m to about 5000 m:

    Total 10 oil and gas fields:

    Obi Shifo

    North Karatau

    Sel Roho






    North Kanibadam

    Niazbek - North Karakchicum

    To date 359 wells have been drilled in the above mentioned fields, of which 230 wells have produced. Currently there are about 80 active wells producing <250 bopd. Production and related facilities are on site. 



    All fields are evaluated, the shallow ones need additional fieldwork.

    A work program is ready to be implemented:

    • Starting with the shallower fields and incorporating step by step all fields; high drilling activity only in shallow fields; from the beginning two own workover rigs would be used
    • The contracted rig for exploration will be incorporated into production activities where needed (deep workovers and drilling of deeper appraisal and development wells)
    • The gas case will be included soon, infrastructure available

    Market of crude oil to local refineries; refineries nearby in neighbouring countries are also underutilized.

    Producing fields are close to the gas export pipeline and the domestic gas pipeline network.


    Fields in operation 

    Obi Shifo, North Karatau, Sel Roho, Airitan, Ravat, Madanjat, Mahram, Kanibadam, North Kanibadam, and Niazbek-North Karakchicum


    Location of producing fields


    Regional structural map and fields



    Field alignment